Our second Irish Draught Sporthorse baby of 2009!

from our super producingThoroughbred mare IB Paranoide

she's the second foal of our stallion, Manu Forti's Touch Down RID

3 day photos by Kate Triplett

We have named her Sweet 'Tater


Photos October 16, 2011

beginning to grow into herself


Foaled a shining dark chestnut sabino, Tater is now grey, with a wonderful wide blaze on a delicately beautiful face. She is very tall and elegant, with a long slinky neck, and lovely long legs, bold, brave and perfectly correct, and very, very precocious! She has her sire's outstanding temperament, sensitivity and kind outlook, highly intelligent and is very quiet. We are absolutely thrilled with this beautiful filly.

She is the by far finest her dam has produced to date. Ollie did what no stallion has ever been able to, he matched this genetically strong mare in all respects and improved everything!

Dual registered IDHS Canada (AID eligible) and IDHSNA


Showing as a yearling at NWSHBA Breeders Classic shows, Sept. 2010

Handler Saacha DeAmborossio

2010 USEF Zone 9 Hunter Breeding Yearling Reserve Horse of the Year

2010 Hunter Breeding Reserve Champion Yearling FIlly for NWSHBA


Judge Peter Hansen liked her! at age 3-1/5 months in the 2009 NWSHBA Breeders Classic shows

show photos by Lyn Lindstrom

photo by Carolynn Bunch
photo by Carolynn Bunch

2009 NWSHBA Breeders Classic Shows

Show videos by JC-Video.com

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American Made Fillies DSHB Part Irish Draught


June21, 2011, 25 months, 16 hands

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