Crackin' Good, 2006 IDSH gelding

from our wonderful sabino roan Thoroughbred mare Pet (I. B. Paranoide)

and sired by the RID stallion Snowford O'Donnell

October 2015.

We are so pleased that Crackin now has a job he loves doing, with an owner who rides him to his potential and loves him.

A flashy shaded bay with extensive sabino roaning/speckling and rabicano characteristics, Crackin' Good is a super athlete! He is balanced, bold, forward, light and correct, and has three extraordinary gaits.

Crackin' Good was a bit over 16:3 hands, winter of 2012.

We sent him to Idaho to work cattle on a large ranch for Summer of 2013 - Crackin' was a star, and became this rancher's go-to horse for the season in cow camp.

(he's also a really good kisser)


photo by Scarlett

photo by Lyn Lindstrom


Northwest Sporthorse Breeders Classic, Sept 2006

and as a weanling

Crackin' Good was named the 2006 Champion In-Hand Horse, Two and Under, for the

Irish Draught Horse Society of North America


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