SOLD!! Congratulations to the Johnson family in Montana

Yes, that's really her name, and it's what she answers to! We first saw this precious little POA mare when we initially moved to our place in 2001. She was the sole occupant of a fenced area with a shed, and for the first couple of years, she seemed to be in pretty decent shape. As the owners' teenage kids grew up, however, she became more and more neglected, and in Spring of 2006 began dropping weight alarmingly. Rick finally could not stand it anymore, and offered to take the horse off their hands and brought her home, a skinny filthy rack of bones, complete with a serious set of doubts about the worth of human kind.

In working with this little 13:1-1/2 HH mare, we have found her to be amazingly gentle and kind, and very smart and willing. She is well trained, very quick and athletic, and in remarkable shape for her estimated age of 16 years. She is still a little leery of strangers, but is getting better by the day. Her varnish roan appy coat gleams, and her feet have grown out wonderfully after a bit of trimming to even them up.



We would absolutely love to find a great home for this outstanding little mare, where she will be loved and gently cared for. While she is not, in our opinion, a horse for small children, she would be an excellent mount for an older child with good horsemanship skills and a lot of tact, or a small adult looking for an outstanding mount to enjoy. She's good with other horses, healthy, sane, has no stable vices and requires no special feeding. We have her up to date on deworming, vaccinations and hoof care.

Asking price is very negotiable, to the right home only. (we have gotten fond of her!)

February 2007 (life is good)

Speckledy Mare is now enjoying a life of love and devotion, with her own pair of twin little girls to love. Thanks to the Johnsons for providing such a great home for this deserving mare.