Kate's personal carry holster (S&W Model 60, .357, 3" bbl)

Kate's Comfort Pancake, in vegetable tanned horsehide from Siegel of California. Unique crazy leg stamping, Marine Cordovan dye and hand rubbed waxed finish. Crossdraw carry (for a right handed person) with a comfortable, secure and accessible FBI forward tilt. This holster style is effective for women as well as men, as it simply disappears beneath the bust line under a sweater, sweatshirt or vest.

This particular holster is over eight years old - look at how well it is holding up to constant use! The beeswax and neatsfoot leather treatment makes it essentially weatherproof, and the finish just gets better with age and use. This finish is great over dyed leather, and even better over natural un-dyed horsehide.

Great for all day wear while driving, sitting or more strenuous activities, this model provides outstanding firearm retention without straps, snaps or other gadgetry of hardware. Once your belt cinches down on the "ears", it securely grips the gun to prevent unintentional extraction - yet it is an easy smooth draw when needed.

For me, a short-waisted woman with arthritis in my strong side (right) shoulder, the waist carry cross-draw option allows me the security of great concealment and knowing I can get my gun out of the holster easily if needed - clearing leather on a strong-side belt holster is just not possible for me.

Here's another version, my Banded Pancake, again for the S&W Model 60.

This model is particularly suited to small frame revolvers, but also translates nicely for the small .380 semi-auto types.

This basic idea also translates to a comfortable belt carry for a larger revolver. Here it is modified for a S&W 686+, the seven shot .357 revolver with four inch barrel, which is a nice hunting sidearm.


Pricing for hand-shaped plain pancake holsters start at $125, more for stamping, linings or special requests.


This was a special custom-carry request.
NAA five shot derringer in .22LR for belt carry
Springfield EMP in 9mm - IWB
Springfield back - note the covered safety for comfort
Glock 2/-27 IWB, in natural horsehide and dyed/stamped
1911 Colt and Kimber Custom, IWB
Kate's SOB Special
Custom ordered, Small-of-Back carry
Custom ordered belt and matching holster for full-size 1911 type, modified pancake style
Custom option "Muffin Top Protector" to keep those sharp target sights from biting!
Kate's Original IWB for 1911 types
this one is for a Kimber Custom Carry

I have done a bit of western leather, as well as historical reproductions.

I also do custom bridle work.

photos by Kate Triplett

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