Ad Ablurr, 1996 Thoroughbred gelding

at 3 years

at 3 years


1996 Thoroughbred gelding, 16.1 HH, brilliant mahogany bay, lush and gorgeous mane and tail. Ad is homebred, we foaled him out, raised him with love, and are still looking for that special person for him.

He had two and a half years of dressage training, has a very solid classical foundation, is confirmed in his in-hand work, and was shown through first level very successfully. He was ridden for some months by a local eventer, who states that he is a solid and dependable jumper, with beautiful form and lots of scope. He was ridden by Rick for a year on trails (in western tack!) after we brought him home from his first trainer, and is good in the woods, on trails, and in company. He is a very intelligent and sensitive individual, with strong opinions.


Ad loves his bath, enjoys being groomed and fussed over, is good for his farrier, clips, loads, hauls, etc. He loves his peppermint Tums, and vegetable and fruit snacks, but he's not always fond of "horse cookie" things. He's good about his shots and despises paste wormer. He loves his winter rug, and takes excellent care of his clothes. He keeps a dry stall and a clean waterer. His gaits are straight and true, and he is wonderfully easy to sit - real Cadillac gaits on this boy! He would make an outstanding mount for a bold rider who has good hands and is confident - he does need the emotional support of a consistent and confident rider to do well.



at home at age nine


2007, jumping at age 11, Patrick Billes up

Ad's pedigree is linked below. We are looking for a very special private home for this boy - no boarding situations. He needs friends and turnout and a nice cozy stall at night, and only the best of consistent, knowledgeable care. We would prefer that he go to a dressage home, he is well rounded in classical principals. Please call for an appointment to visit him, or email for further information.

Babysitting yearlings May 2007

July 4 2008 - fat old man!


June 28, 2011 - coming out of retirement to provide a horse for a friend to take to the Alfredo Hernandez in-hand clinic.

photos by Carolynn Bunch

AddaBoy was a STAR!